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Katherine DeSilva is an author, educator and artist.  Over the past decade she has put her creativity into educating people in her community with her books, art, and events. 

Illustrations Engaged

Katherine is excited to offer some of her illustration on beachwear, clothing, merchandise, and as printed art.  

North Shore

Events, Stories, and Images

Katherine DeSilva has written and cowritten a number of books. Check out her illustrated and long format projects.

Beach and Cottage Merchandise for those who live the Greenhead Life 

In the Light of a Greenhead Moon is a book an a fun game! Do you like games of deduction? Check out our partner The Game Crafter to see our games.

Custom illustration for art and books.  Katherine creates a range of scenes using her unique style. 

Pumpkin Vines

Katherine DeSilva is 'Ipswich.Green'
Illustration, Stories, Games, Wearables & Household .

174 High Street
Ipswich Village, Suite 105

Ipswich, MA 01938

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Greenhead Merch
In the light of a greenhead moon